The Environment!

Penguin Posing

Penguin Posing

There are many ways and reasons why/how we can/should save the earth from Global Warming, Water droughts, and much more! While we brush our teeth we can turn off the water. We could carpool for less pollution. We could unplug stiff when were done. We need to stop polluting for global warming cause penguins/polar bears are losing ice! Poor penguins. Try to save the environment!

There once was a penguin

all sad and scared.

It was because of

global warming,

which led him to despair.

If ll did our share

and we started to care,

we could save the environment

which would be very fair.

Student Blogging Challenge #4

The great Lawndale!

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

The city of Lawndale! Very beautiful… I wish. It is a little but not close to pretty. This isn’t a very peaceful town. There are lots of murdering, killing, stealing, fighting, burgluries, and lots more! Even in our school like a month ago someone kelp tagging out school! The beaches are a little nice but not clean. On my street we lost some lights, the street lights aren’t working and they aren’t fixing it till now. The schools are cool and nice. So is the library. It is very pretty. My sister says she wants to get a gun cause its bad around her area! This place is kind a fun having some bowling and shops and lots of more stuff! I like staying here…sometimes. I get scared watching the news cause I will find out what is going on  in Lawndale.