Kids should not be able to use computers with Internet at school

Kids should not be able to use computers with Internet at school because there could be lots of bad things like chat and online websites. Many schools have computers that kids can use with Internet. Most bad websites are banned but in my school I found at least five websites with chat on Google that was not banned! Myspace and Facebook are banned because it is well known. There are still lots of websites that are not known that kids could still use! Maybe the kids know about the website but the adults don’t for not being well known.

A very good example/reason for getting rid of computers that kids can use (with Internet) is that there could be a website that hasn’t been banned and it has chat, then they could be able to go online! For example, a month (or two) ago there was a website kids use to go on all the time during lunch. This website was non-educational and was not very well known but it had chat. They told the teachers that it was like a funbrain but it wasn’t! The teachers were not aware of this!

Another reason is that computers would waste a lot of energy that would be needed more then online websites and games. Also kids could tell the teacher that they are going to use the computers for homework or extra credit but really their going on an online website!

The last reason would be using a dictionary instead of a Wikipedia. I mean..a dictionary doesn’t really have much that would help but still it might be able to answer a question If not then use a a map or some other kind of book that would help.

Lastly parents might think that,”It’s okay, kids won’t see bad stuff on the computer if it is banned.” But thats the thing! It might not be banned! It might not be well known or teachers might thing the website is a funbrain but it isn’t! These are some very good reasons why kids in school shouldn’t be able to use computers with Internet.

Bye bye Edublogs! :{

This final challenge is an audit of your blog since the beginning of March 2010.

* How many posts did you write? 7 but one is still pending.
* How many were school based or your own interests? 3 or 4
* How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? 8
* Which post received the most comments? The Environment! Why do you think that happened? This happened because of Ms.P and the topic of the environment.
* Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? My favorite post writing was…every thing! My two fav. Are dancing Socrates and Wideangle.
* Did you change blog themes at all and why? Mostly the color because people couldn’t see my writing or it was a little too bright.
* How many widgets do you have? I think I have 10.Do you think this is too many or not enough? I think I have a little too much.

Now ask another student and teacher/parent from your school who might not have read your blog to do an audit. Sit beside them while they navigate around your blog, record what you observe as they interact with your blog. When finished, ask them the following questions:

* What were your first impressions of this blog? It looked cool but the pages were a little hard to get to.
* What captured your attention? The giant penguin from the post “The Environment”
* What distracted you on the blog? The shelfari that was right next to the posts and the colors from the post “Spring Break”
* What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? Try making the pictures a little smaller on posts, Try balancing the widgets out instead of just one side.


In CPA we have been learning about kids in other places that don’t get to go to school or a different life. Some kids have gunshots in their neighborhood or have to work all day or don’t get to make it to school. This is very interesting so I thought that more people should know about this. Time for school series Is where the videos of the children are. I really hate that kids have to work instead of go to school, live in a bad neighborhood or don’t even get to go to school! Please see this video!

Where I’m From

I’m from hurt and abuse
I’m suppose to be from steak,
But I’m chicken.
I’m from animals and nature, not war.
So I hate the past.
I’m from school that teaches while I learn.
I’m from Salvador, Peru, and Dominic Republic but…
I don’t feel like it.
I feel left out and different from school.
I’m from good/calm (mom’s side) but also mean/bad (dad’s side)
I’m from sadness and pain.
From a frown clown to the sad.

Student Blogging challenge #9

Student Blogging challenge #9

For Twitter I don’t go on because it is real no point to me for Twitter. All it does is say,”John is bored.” and,”Sarah got a dog.” I don’t see the point of it…On the other hand of Facebook, I use it ALL the time! Just this morning I woke up at 6:00 just to go on! I like it because you could see friends and what they like and more! Twitter is kinda like this but I only use Facebook. I know it as no education but I love playing the little applications. For example, Cafe World is about running your own restaurant and just having the job of your dream or just to have fun! Also Farmville is another one but I don’t really like it. I started facebook from my friend. He said to make one and then add him as a neighbor for Farmville. When I made it I used my mom’s email and then it said that almost all my mom’s friends would want to be my mom’s friend! They were mostly adults which surprised me alot! From then I went on like 24/7! I love facebook!

Spring Break! :D

For spring break I’m going to San Diego with my mom and maybe my dad. My dog will stay with my mom’s friend. We are going to stay there for two nights. During our stay we are going to Sea World! After that we will go home and see my dog for a while. Later that day, we will go to Palm Springs to see my mom’s friend! My dad isn’t going. He is going to take care of the dog while were away. We will stay there for two nights also and, like always -.-, we will walk around places, go hiking, up mountains, stuff like that. That will be a little fun. Then we will come back home and just relax until spring break ends. 🙁 But I will love spring break!