Where I’m From

I’m from hurt and abuse
I’m suppose to be from steak,
But I’m chicken.
I’m from animals and nature, not war.
So I hate the past.
I’m from school that teaches while I learn.
I’m from Salvador, Peru, and Dominic Republic but…
I don’t feel like it.
I feel left out and different from school.
I’m from good/calm (mom’s side) but also mean/bad (dad’s side)
I’m from sadness and pain.
From a frown clown to the sad.

Scholastic Essay by Anthony

Technology in the future (2025)!

In the future there will be lots of new technology for many reasons. Robots that have the same qualities like humans can do jobs, teach, and more! They could fight in the war, which leads me to saying there could be a devise to make superpowers! He devise works like this… there’s a tube where you put a picture with writing to explain what power you want. For example, say I drew a picture of me controlling water and on the top of the page it says, “Water control” Then it will grant you’re your power. If it doesn’t understand the writing or picture then it will try to say the word that you put. It will ask you correct or not? Push a button that says correct or not and it will understand what you put in afterwards. In fact controlling water could help by stop flooding, stop raining or make rainfall, fighting in the war, plants, and more!

For some reason, I always wanted to know what animals think of any subject. This may sound a little weird but maybe in the future there could be a devise where an animal puts a helmet on and on the screen it could show and let us hear what animals are thinking. That devise could also let us translate what they are saying and we could say to them. For example, lets say a dog went “Woof” Then on the screen the word “Woof” should have the definition for our words. The screen would say, “I’m hungry” and that’s what the word, “Woof” means. Since kids know more than animals a devise could teach kids in 1-hour max. Kids put on the piece of metal and memory on and wait for the transferring to end.  Animals would need it to be explained more so I think animals should be in school more. Also if someone wants to remember something  like a moment they forgot or want to see again they put a helmet on connected to a piece of metal on their head and push the time and date. (This could only be for schools and elderlys)

Hover scooters could be invented for kids or adults.  The size is for all people. The thing is elders and kids 13 and under shouldn’t have one. If someone needs to get to the other side of something they could just fly over it. To make it fly you would have to push a button that says forward and fly (The buttons are on the handle bars which is how you control the scooter.) Transportation different from something that pollutes the world like cars could be bubbles!  An invisible see through bubble made of soap, water, glue, something sticky, and something very powerful inside and outside the bubble. This is what happens, a person goes up a tube and then right into a bubble. You could control the bubble by pushing it. Since the bubble is so strong it can’t pop unless a big hand pops it with its finger. Once you reach your destination a hand pops the bubble and you go out a tube and goes all the way to the floor. It could be called the Tube-n-out” Also if people need to be places at one time but they can’t make it then there could be a multiplier. A metal lamp like item points at things with a light. Push a button to make the light go bigger on something and push how much of the item you want (There could be up to 5) so you flash something and then it multiplies. Technology will always develop over time and who knows? Maybe we could make someone come back from the dead?

The Argument

I couldn’t believe what had happened. Running to my room hiding and hoping nothing else would happen. I was so scared like my grandma when she sees a rat and she hates rats! Sitting on my mom’s bed where my heart pounded at least forty times in twenty seconds. Hopping that was not what I thought it was. My dad had slapped my half sister.

One day when I was six I was staying with my dad and half sister while my mom was working. They were trying to tell me a math problem and how to do it but my dad and half sister were arguing about what to do on the math problem. I thought my sister would have been right since she was in school the latest and she is 18. Then my sister said, ”Shut up dad! I no what I’m doing!” My dad hates that. Now he was as mad as a dog when you try to take his bone away from him. I was as nervous as a mouse running from owl. Then I heard a large smack! My dad slapped my sister. For a moment there was silence. I started running into my room trying to hide behind a wall where my dad couldn’t see me and waiting for my mom to come home. I was so scared and afraid. Wondering he was going to hit her again made me nervous. He came in my room and said, “You want some too!” Then he went to the bathroom. I went to the kitchen where I found my sister crying and putting her hands over her eye. She opened it and all I saw was a black eye. The next morning my sister forgave him and said, “I shouldn’t be telling you to shut up. I’m sorry.” My dad said, “No, I’m sorry.” Then nothing had happened again.
I was surprised that my dad hit her and my sister would say that in front of his face. I was very sad and nervous. I don’t know if my sister is still mad at him but she is not arguing with him so I guess it’s ok. I learned that things don’t turn out how you want them to be.

My Jobs

Hi! My name is Robert Lopez, and I worked at Olive Garden. If u haven’t heard and/or seen it then I will say it is very beautiful when you see the brown titles on the wall and the benches make it an old type style. Inside it has lots of plants that make it look so beautiful! Since this is a restaurant so like any other one we have to wear uniforms, white shirt, black tuxedo, and an Olive Garden badge. One chilly afternoon in the month of November, I was serving food to people and I went to a lady who was looking at her menu. I asked her if she would like to start of with anything and then I asked someone next to her. When I came back with pasta for the lady. Before she could tell me anything I went to the other person next to her.

By the time I came back with the bill for the lady her pasta was finished but she said, “I’m sorry but I’m not going to pay for the pasta cause it’s not what I wanted.” I started to scream! I looked at my notes with a weird look.

“Sorry about that.” I said, “but would you like anything else?” She told me she would like 2 fried eggs and when I tried to turn the gas on it out of the stove it wouldn’t come out! I tried to find the manager outside but it was too foggy!

I went to the lady and said, “Sorry, we can’t make that for you right now, would you like anything else?” The lady mumbled to herself and said in an unpleased voice, “Fine, I would like steak and not baked.”  I told someone to make steak that was baked. The lady when outside to find the manager and somehow she did!

She told the manger everything and then 20 more people went outside with her when the fog cleared and chanted, “ Hire new people! Hire new people!” The workers started to take off their uniforms but I still stood and said, “ We have the right to work where ever we want!” The fight lasted for about 20 minutes and then the lady had a very sad face, “Well what about Jack-in-the-Box?” I was very confused. I asked her, “ How can I work at Jack-in-the-Box if I haven’t even tried to apply?” Then she showed me a badge that had her face and said, “ Jack-in-the-Box manager.” I had a happy face and went to Jack-in-the-Box. I’m very happy cause I still get to cook, I get 1 dollar an hour, and I’m still alive!

A month later I found out I can’t make my rent so I wanted a new job but I need to cook!  Maybe I can make my own restaurant! I started to look around and search for a building that is big enough for a restaurant. Luckly, I found one and hired lots of people. I became so famous and lived a good life.